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Got a commercially viable, innovative idea that will reduce carbon emissions? Apply now for the 2014 Shell Springboard Awards.


Do you have a commercially viable, innovative idea that will lead to a reduction in carbon emissions, which just needs a financial boost?

Applications for the 2014 Shell Springboard Awards will open on Friday, 1st November and will close at 5pm on Friday 13th December. The finalists will be announced in late January 2014.

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Application to the Shell Springboard awards can be made via this website at the Apply Now section. However, we encourage you to read the general information on this site, particularly Criteria, Application Process and FAQs sections before completing the application form.

Before completing the application form you must read and agree to the Submission Contract. Please remember the following key points:

  • Shell, the judges and assessors will all have certain obligations of confidentiality in respect of your submission. It is, however, your responsibility to make sure that you are satisfied with the level of protection for your idea (IP) before you submit it to Shell, and to take your own legal advice on this. Please do not include any more detail about your idea than you feel comfortable with or than is indicated in the application form.
  • The reduction of carbon emissions is an important business objective at Shell, and we are continuously developing technology and exploring ideas. Therefore, it is possible that Shell Springboard will receive and fund business plans on topics similar to or the same as Shell's activities. Before submitting, you must accept that Shell may already be independently pursuing these business opportunities (similar to or the same as yours) and that your submission or subsequent award will not in any way preclude Shell from continuing with the opportunities. Nor does your submission or award place any obligation on Shell to develop a relationship with you.
  • If you win the award, you will be required to: (a) spend the award on the project described in your application form; (b) write a letter to Shell Springboard at an agreed time, describing what you have achieved (or the challenges you have faced); (c) provide material for this website and other publicity; (d) participate in a judging panel next year (if requested).

You must submit your application via this website. Details on how to do this are described here.

In exceptional circumstances where you do not have internet access please call 0870 850 7085 (note: no exceptions will be made for applications made after the deadline due to technical reasons).