Highly efficient carbon-sucking technology

C-Capture Ltd was crowned the Shell Springboard national winner for 2016.

Founded by Professor Chris Rayner as a spin-off company from the University of Leeds, C-Capture has created a low-energy, clean solution to extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) from gas streams.

C-Capture’s technology releases ‘captured’ CO2 in a highly efficient way that makes it attractive for long-term storage or for use in other manufacturing processes. The technology is particularly effective at reducing the levels of CO2 in methane gas streams, notably biogas. The reduction of these levels allows the biogas to be suitable for renewable energy applications, including electricity generation, as a transport fuel and for injection into the gas grid.

C-Capture is using the funding and support from the Shell Springboard programme to realise their plans for commercialisation of their technology for biogas upgrading, with the ultimate goal of installing their technology in larger scale applications, such as on power stations or other industrial gas emitters, to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere on an industrial scale.

Sector: Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Region: Leeds

Visit their website: http://www.c-capture.co.uk

Size: 5 employees