Biocoal from food waste

Biocoal from biodegradable waste


Antaco is pioneering a method of converting biodegradable organic waste into highly efficient, carbon-neutral ‘biocoal’ – with ambitions of replacing traditional, carbon-intensive coal in existing power plants.

Coal remains one of the most significant sources of power in the global energy mix, as well as a major contributor to carbon emissions. Antaco was a regional winner of Shell Springboard 2013 with its innovative ‘biocoal’ – which is not only carbon-neutral, but also boasts a higher heat value and greater efficiency than traditional fuels.

The team uses hydrothermal carbonisation at commercial scale to convert problematic biodegradable waste, such as leftover food, sewage and agricultural waste into a biocoal product.

Since receiving Shell Springboard funding, Antaco has attracted a further grant of €1 million from the Department of Energy and Climate Change to build the UK’s first biocoal processing plant. The company has also won prestigious awards such as the WEX Technology Award 2014 for water management, and was voted Best European Early Stage Cleantech Company 2013 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in November 2013.

Antaco’s CEO Dominik Peus said that the Shell Springboard award “has allowed us to unlock further funding and raise awareness of our low cost and robust process for generating biocoal.”


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