Safe gravity-fuelled lighting

Deciwatt was named the 2015 national winner of Shell Springboard for its low-carbon innovation, GravityLight.

GravityLight is a technology which uses the force of gravity to generate electricity that can be used off-grid. Offering the potential of a lighting source for over one billion people around the world living without access to electricity, it provides a safer, cleaner and more reliable alternative to traditional kerosene lighting.

Founded in 2013, Deciwatt entered the Shell Springboard programme to generate funding to take their product from prototype to market. Their cutting-edge low-carbon technology impressed the panel of Shell Springboard judges with its practical and scalable use of natural resources and ability to generate reliable and affordable power.

Since winning Shell Springboard, Deciwatt have raised a further $250,000 through a crowd-funding campaign. That money, along with the Shell Springboard funding, has gone to piloting GravityLight radio and extending the number of accessories that can be used with the original innovation. The new application features sockets for ‘sat-lights’ which can be used for further lighting extensions and low-wattage electronics, like radios and portable torches.

The next step for the company will be to build an assembly line in Kenya to manufacture GravityLight radios, working with local distribution networks and communities to create jobs on the ground.


Lighting, electricity generation



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