Smart urban lighting systems

Smart lighting solutions


Select Innovation’s EnLight product is helping city councils keep the streetlights on by reducing the cost and carbon intensity of urban lighting systems.

Select Innovations was crowned national winner of Shell Springboard 2012 for its EnLight system, which can help reduce energy costs while improving the performance of streetlights.

In the intervening period, Norfolk County Council has already generated instant energy savings of around 45% by using their innovation. In addition, the whole system can be remotely controlled to allow operators to dim the lights from a central location, allowing councils to adapt to the seasons to make additional cost savings.

This networked approach could also be used to deliver wireless internet connections, monitor pollution and collect weather data – making our cities smarter as well as more energy efficient.

The company has attracted significant additional investment in the past three years, and is partnering with organisations such as ARM, BT and the Hethel Engineering Centre on commercial projects.


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