Cutting-edge solid state hydrogen storage

Solid state hydrogen storage


Cella Energy is a UK start-up with global ambitions, using its unique hydrogen storage and power technology to broker multimillion pound deals with Space Florida and expand into the American market.

Hydrogen is a clean and powerful fuel that has been hampered by concerns over storage and volatility. University spin-out Cella Energy was crowned national winner of Shell Springboard 2011 for its cutting-edge nano-structuring technology that is able to safely store hydrogen at ambient temperatures and pressures.

In practice, this means that Cella Energy’s hydrogen fuel could ultimately be used to power vehicles, as the solid state ‘pellets’ are heated to release their energy and recycled after use. The technology also has applications in improving the performance of aerospace and satellite hardware, which led the company to sign a £3million deal with Space Florida – an organisation with close ties to NASA.

The business has also opened a new facility at the Kennedy Space Centre, leading a rapid expansion into the American marketplace which has seen the team increase its staff from 3 to 20. CEO Stephen Bennington is convinced that the Shell Springboard “put us on the map – without the credibility and profile associated with the programme, a university spin-off start-up such as Cella could never have attracted significant investment from the likes of Space Florida”.

The company is currently working on various vehicle projects with the UK government, and was recently awarded a grant of £600,000 from the Technology Strategy Board


Hydrogen Power, Transport, Aerospace



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Approx 10-15 employees