Biofuel from waste coffee


Biobean has developed a unique method for turning waste coffee grounds into biodiesel, and is hoping to make our cities smarter and less carbon-intensive.

London alone produces over 200,000 tonnes of waste coffee annually – and 2014 Shell Springboard national finalist bio-bean has big plans for this unwanted material. The company has pioneered an innovative technique to process used coffee grounds into advanced biofuel products such as biomass pellets and biodiesel.

Acting as a cheap and low-carbon alternative to conventional fuels, bio-bean ultimately aims to create a closed loop process whereby the vehicles it uses to collect the coffee grounds are also powered by its own biofuels – both reducing emissions from transport and saving waste from landfill.

In September 2014 bio-bean were awarded a further €500,000 of funding from the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2014, which the start-up is planning to use to expand internationally and develop new products and services.


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