Passive heat recovery that mimics nature

Natural passive heat recovery


Shell Springboard 2013 national runner-up Ventive has developed a Passive Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit that mimics nature.

Rising heat from outgoing stale air exits the home via a flexible duct stack and passes over an innovative, ultra-efficient aluminium heat exchanger as it leaves. Heat is recovered and transferred to incoming, pre-warmed fresh air, and then channelled naturally via an existing chimney into the home.

UK homes make up almost a third of the country’s total carbon emissions, and contain some of the poorest quality housing stock in Western Europe. By using a combination of air buoyancy and wind (active from very low wind speeds), Ventive provides homes with an abundance of fresh air, without the need of electrical connections and no fans or heaters. It can help home-owners reduce heat loss by 97 percent and save 800kg of CO2 per year.

Since taking part in the Shell Springboard programme, Ventive has recruited five new members to their team (one as a direct result of the funding) and has started selling into major buyers in the construction industry. The start-up has ambitions to begin exporting within the year, targeting a fast-growing low-carbon building sector in Europe and the US.


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