24 Mar 2015 Shell Springboard and Imperial College launch landmark study on low-carbon skills

New research commissioned by Shell Springboard has found that a STEM skills deficit could see the UK low-carbon economy miss out on £6.7 billion annual growth to 2023. It also identifies a range of challenges within the UK scale-up system that risk a brain-drain of our most promising innovators to more competitive markets like the US.

The new report, written by Professor Erkko Autio of Imperial College London, was launched at the Shell Enterprise Conference and calls for a concerted approach to optimise the low-carbon innovation pipeline in the UK.

The study was bolstered by expert opinions drawn from across industry, policy, academia, low-carbon entrepreneurs and NGOs, and makes a number of recommendations to support a flourishing UK low-carbon ecosystem.

To download the full report, please click here (34MB).